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'89 Til Infinity
  1. "Funny how time has…
    this power in its possession
    The perpetual clench it has
    over our lives
    Time, can turn a painful blues solo
    into an all out funk for the soul
    jam session
    Time, can turn bullet wounds
    into Art to be studied & admired
    Time, can turn a hooptie into a Benz
    Time, can turn atheists 2 believers
    and those believers 2 preachers
    and those preachers 2 healers
    and mark my words,
    with the same amount of time
    can turn those healers 2 demons
    Time, is such a man-made concept
    but can turn a simple made man complex
    Can turn a man’s green world 2 a foreign vortex
    Can turn the meek virgin 2 the aggressor fiending more sex
    Time, can be your best friend
    or your murderous enemy
    but where’s your patience friend?
    Can give you the chance 2 accrue followers
    and make you question where you takin’ them
    Can give you the tools 2 run the streets
    and then strip up the very pav-e-ment
    These are the delicate times we live in
    Be careful of what you’re makin’ them
    How you usin’ your time?
    That’s a precious presence
    2 have in your future, past, and present:
    A present presented 2 you as a collective blessing,
    opens doors
    closes creaky ones
    and makes us all
    2 die
    2 be reborn
    Enjoy it and

    Clocks in Retrospect | Amarii Davu (via bloodonthepapyrus)
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The face of a new father of quadruplets… [x]

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Rubbin the pussy like…


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Me neither, pac, me neither.
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oh my god

    HOW THE HELL…do you post Tweets on Tumblr? I see people do the shit all the time….do you embed it?

  11. 5 Random Facts

    I was tagged by nefertitibynature to say 5 random facts about myself. Hmmm shit….lol.

    1) Hip hop is my life. It has gotten me through everything.

    2) I’m an avid believer in the power of meditation. Open up them chakras, brah.

    3) I’m a vinyl head. My room is covered in vinyl records and covers.

    4) I’m an aspiring hip hop Artist/published poet/amazing photographer. I do THIS! 

    5) I am a firm believer that we are all Gods x Goddesses governing our own worlds in the midst of coexisting inside of other peoples’ worlds. But we’re NOT the high power.

    Now I’m tagging myoveractivemind, yo-tori, lady-chevy85, and hailthesunqueen

  12. "We must learn to see that the problems in life have nothing to do with material problems and losses, but our emotional reaction of pain and suffering. The latter is totally under our control. You were made in the likeness of a peace that nothing can disturb. Reclaim your peace that you may attain to your reason for coming into existence…the enjoyment of life."

    Ra Un Nefer Amen from Maat, The 11 Laws of God
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  14. Anonymous said: You dont get any questions someone has to fill the ask box

    Haha no doubt

  15. This Anon

    Don’t know if it’s the same person, but I love being interviewed haha. Ppreciate these questionssss

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