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    what is snoop dogg even doing with his life

    uhm excuse u bitch, u mean snoop LIONimage

    no he went back to snoop dogg after realizing he hated being rastafarian because his hat was itchy


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  6. "I can turn you into poetry, but I cannot make you love me."

    fragment 5, by weatheredwritings (via 29301)

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  7. Anonymous said: What is the hardest part of growing dreads

    Growing the locks is a beautiful process. The hardest part, to me, is that if you don’t properly take care of your locks sometimes they will thin out. I dealt with that because I wasn’t told how to properly take care of my locks when I got them. Another hard part would be peoples’ perception of you as a person BECAUSE of your locks. That’s a WHOLE nother story for another day though lol.

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when u nut and shawty keep suckin
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A reminder to all who haven’t heard: THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS WILL RIDE AGAIN…FUELED BY NETFLIX…IN 2016.
You read that right. Through Netflix’s acquisition of Scholastic, a 26-episode series will kick off in 2016, called The Magic School Bus 360°.
2016. The Magic School Bus. The original ship of the imagination.

So a cartoon show will outpace Fox News in scientific accuracy. Great news!
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  14. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

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