Remind me soul of a brighter existence
When the sun didn’t just shine on select people
And when the rain didn’t fall on every rooftop
There was a time when alarm clocks rang to wake me up!
For school, to change classes, recess, college, and jobs,
but now they ring for me to wake up!
Because I don’t, I just don’t, have all the time
in the world to waste,
These bells are ringing for me to wake up!
not from a physical sleep but from
a dream plagued with ignorance and innocence.

I miss my city,
My city used to be the birthplace of the events
that would later create memories in my mind:
Laughing friends,
freeze cups,
and cops were fighting justice.
Somewhere between yesterday and today:
Laughs turned 2 deaths,
freeze cups became 40 oz’s for pain,
and the friendly cops from D.A.R.E. became murderers.
Growing up is hard but giving up ain’t a card
to be played,
I know we’re only promised change, pain, & pleasure
and all we can do is react,
but I can’t help but 2 dwell in my yesterdays,
Maybe I made God so mad
that he made me grow up on purpose,
Maybe if I apologize sincerely enough,
I’ll close my eyes and open them
and I’ll be right back in Jo Johnston Projects again,
as a born again rebel that’s more prepared
to face the wilderness of life

— The Fate Awakening x The Wild | Amarii Davu (via bloodonthepapyrus)
“The person who broke you can’t be the one to fix you. Remember that.”
— Note to self (1/?)

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     I won’t soon forget the events that took place in #ferguson…will you?

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“The closest thing that I’ll ever participate in that parallels religion is music. I don’t believe in religion, but I believe in music and the power of it. That’s why I’m an Artist. Don’t get that confused with not believing in God. I have faith in a higher being, a omniscient spirit. Just not religion. Religion involves too many lies, separations, and contradictions for me. Music has exposed all of that for me. I’d much rather attend a concert than attend a church service.The arenas are the cathedrals. The Artists are the preachers. We’re the preachers for the lost tribes, the young world, and the wandering souls. Music is the new way. The new intermediary between reality and spiritual healing.”

Amarii Davu on parallels between music and religion (via bloodonthepapyrus)








Simple Fish and Corn

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

This looks so depressing.

It really does


bvsdpvpi:  when bae brings up “other ho’s”

"it’s BURSTING with flavor!!" head ass

what just took place? where the seasoning at? Where’s the rest of the meal? d fuck

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“I could never explain how
feminine touch can make a man free
How your laugh turns articulate thoughts
into fumbled speech
For months, I fought and trained
in methods similar to Ali
2 guard this mangled heArt
from your spirit and I’m sorry
In a color palette of memories,
you’ve been immortalized
With red colored passion,
our fists up, for chocolate highs
No sugar crashes,
this sweet thang is breakin diets…
It’s your panoramic vision…
Finding love in everything from Angela to C’Babi
How I can catch you bumpin’ Miles Davis or 2Pac
and ya head still bobbin’,
You’re the type of chick I’ve gotta renew my résumé for
This is past a hobby
I’m seeing career and I can’t lie…
my palms sweaty as hell in this lobby!
Waiting praying waiting praying
That I meet your credentials
This could be life changing
and something truly beneficial
But I gotta be ready,
I’m talking suit and tie: dressed 2 kill
Ready to accept this career in love
and hoping the position’s not filled
Love speaks.”
Love Speaks, Part III, Amarii Davu (via bloodonthepapyrus)
“Paint on Simone, the world needs your Art
Your paintbrushes are flashlights to cities turned dark
A skyscraper in a light bulb, too magnificent for where you are
Make a home in my soul, but marry colors in my heArt
Did I ever tell you that your eyes showed storms and stars?
You know, pain and dreams, success and scars?
And that when we lock eyes two worlds collide
This is something I should fear, but I shall survive
If you ever left my side, well, my peace would die
I would bury all attempts to resurrect the night
that I met you, things like this seldom happen twice,
I couldn’t meet another you and copies won’t suffice
There’s a rhythm I can see when I think of you
I can smell the bass, I can kiss the groove
I can taste the drums then seduce the tune
Two step to the sun, introduce the moon
From the glasses of an Artist, am I worth the paint?
If I left you broken-hearted, am I worth the pain?
If I was spittin’ overseas, am I worth the plane?
And if I spilled how I feel, is it worth the stain?
I know the answers, but I love to ask
You’re a flower with diamond petals growing out the grass”
Librattarius, Amarii Davu (via bloodonthepapyrus)
“You something like a poem written by God
Art painted by the high powers
A song sang by the Angels
Beauty personified
Passion unplugged
Raw love
When we kiss, we transport to a room
that’s painted by the poems I haven’t written
yet and etched by the colors you haven’t painted yet,
new colors: what’s your muse?
Sepia tinted visions of life with you,
a love black enough to shape minds
a truth bright white enough to shine
and two hearts beating blood red enough to skip the fears of intertwining to become one”
Simone: The Apex, Amarii Davu (via bloodonthepapyrus)

For a moment in time, my life FROZE…
Looking back at it,
this has happened many times before,

The FIRST time was when I met you:
We poured a cup of our spirits
into a conversation over life and music
and I needed more

The SECOND time was when I realized
that walls with an electric, barbed wire contraption
didn’t equal your subtraction:
You were still here as my friend
and understood me as a man,
YOU single handedly broke down a 25 year old wall
dismantled the electricity,
and unraveled barbed wire with your bare hands
Sorry for any scars I may have caused…

The THIRD time was when I came to you
without doubt or fear of judgment
and cried in your shoulders
It’s surprising how tears can baptize demons,
and we laid in the floor, holding hands
as we prayed 2 Lady (God)
about my constant struggles
of being black in America with problems
invisible to the eye,
but detrimental to the mind

No matter how many times I look back
I have always seen you by my side,
Even when my childish ways
rendered me blind to the facts
that you are everything I’ve desired in a woman

The way your name
has strings attached to the corners
of my mouth
When I hear your name,
My smiles reaches for California
and without hesitation, finds completion
as it glides towards New York
From west to east, you extend my joy
The wanderlust I experience
with a simple kiss,

I’m in love wit being
in love with you
I’m in love with the fact that
you aren’t afraid to show that you love me,
In love with the fact that no matter what
my best friend is holding my hand,
and brave enough
to walk on a journey with me
to become something much more

THIS is the Sun and Moon love we deserve:
Love speaks.

Love Speaks, Part IV, Amarii Davu (via bloodonthepapyrus)

Happiest day of my LIFE yo…

A night with the Bruhs…OW OW!

Me and big sis…oldie. I used to smile a lot lol

A beautiful day at the Buddhist temple….#oldie